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Custom Online Store Design

There are countless different free templates out there that could feasibly manage your online store. But they all look alike, and there's nothing that makes your store unique. If you prefer to custom design your store, you came to the right place. You might want featured products, sales and discounted items to appear automatically on certain days. There are hundreds of cool features and customer service solutions that we can enhance your online store with which you just can't get from a template. At Full Blown, it's like buying a new car - you get to pick out the the exterior paint color, the interior (cassette deck or 12 disc changer), leather or canvas seats, digital or analog display. Contact us to learn more about custom e-commerce websites.

Inventory Management System

To effeciently manage your inventory we can build a custom inventory management system into your online store. You will see up-to-the-minute reports on inventory levels. When a customer purchases a product from your online store, the quantity purchased is deducted from inventory immediately. When you get a new shipment, simple controls let you quickly add product to inventory which is automatically notated in the reports for you.

Calculate Sales Tax

It is required to charge sales tax if shipping to the same state that you are incorporated in. Soon it may be required to charge sales tax no matter where you ship. We are prepared for this event with a database of tax rates nationwide. Our system will calculate accurate sales tax (excluding tax-exempt products) whether you are shipping to Los Angeles, CA or New York, NY or anywhere in between.

Shipping Calculator

Whether you choose to ship your products by USPS or FedEx our system will calculate the accurate shipping cost and charge the customer based on rules that you create. You can charge additional handling, or even provide free shipping on orders over X amount.

Search Engine Optimization

Our clients love being on the first page of Google. We think it's so important in fact, that we bundle it into our web designs. We optimize your website for the search engines right from the start. We work with you to research the best keywords for your website that will rank you high in the search engines. Being on the front page of Google is like winning the lottery; more traffic equals more sales. Scoring high in the organic search results is free, unlike banner ads, or paid traffic, and the resulting visitors are highly targeted. Contact us to learn more about search engine optimization.

Banner Ads / Marketing

If you can't wait several months (up to a year) for the Search Engines to start sending traffic your way, you may opt for paid advertising in the form of Banner Ads. A well-placed graphical banner ad can send loads of traffic to your website, but generally you have to pay for the opportunity to advertise on a website which is already getting traffic. In any event, we will improve the click thru ratio by developing a banner ad that is catchy or "sticky" using proven terminology which makes it hard not to click. Contact us to learn more about banner ads.

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