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Unique Graphical Interface

To the average user, the look & feel of your website is very important, but actually, studies say it's not as important as the ease of navigation, the functionality (what there is to do) and how quickly you can get your message through. Keeping that in mind, we create graphical interfaces that not only look good, but reinforce the more important facets of your website. We ensure our designs are modern, easy to navigate, include functionality that is tailored to your target audience and very quickly get your message across.

Mobile Friendly, "Responsive" Design

Over 60% of traffic is on mobile devices so it is crucial that your website looks good on mobile phones, as well as desktops, laptops and tablets too. We guarantee your website will look hot on any device.

Easy, Elegant Navigation

It is extremely important to have a simple, yet elegant navigation system for your website. You only have 3 seconds to teach your visitors how to navigate your site. We make it easy yet beautiful using the latest Ajax and jquery technology.

Database Design

Every website can benefit from the use of a database. Matter of fact, it's amazing what you can do with a database these days. Store customer data, game scores, votes, product descriptions, pricing data, tax rates, shipping rates. Generate reports, spreadsheets, graphs, charts, lists. Validate users, members, administrators. Sort alphabetically, by date, by price high or low. We employ Microsoft SQL and MySql databases for speed and accuracy. Contact us to learn more about how a database can benefit your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Our clients love being on the first page of Google. We think it's so important in fact, that we bundle it into our web designs. We optimize your website for the search engines right from the start. We work with you to research the best keywords for your website that will rank you high in the search engines. Being on the front page of Google is like winning the lottery; more traffic equals more sales. Scoring high in the organic search results is free, unlike banner ads, or paid traffic, and the resulting visitors are highly targeted.

Robust ColdFusion Programming

We employ fast and powerful Adobe ColdFusion servers for security and flexibility. ColdFusion allows a website to talk to a database. For example, store customer data and retrieve it later in reports. Validate a user when they try to login. Even perform mathimatical calculations (ie. calculate sales tax and shipping costs) instantly and accurately. And then there's the really cool stuff that ColdFusion can do. Learn more about ColdFusion at Adobe's website.

Banner Ads / Marketing

If you can't wait several months (up to a year) for the Search Engines to start sending traffic your way, you may opt for paid advertising in the form of Banner Ads. A well-placed graphical banner ad can send loads of traffic to your website, but generally you have to pay for the opportunity to advertise on a website which is already getting traffic. In any event, we will improve the click thru ratio by developing a banner ad that is catchy or "sticky" using proven terminology which makes it hard not to click.

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